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Are you dealing with 619 VPN errors?

When you try to connect to a virtual private network, you might get an error message, 619 VPN error. If you go through the description of the error message, you will understand that connection to the remote computer could not be established. The port used for the connection should have been closed. For further help, you will be directed to reach the support center. VPN error 619 is not unusual. If you handle it in a smart way, the issue can be resolved very quickly and easily.


How to fix 619 VPN error? If you face VPN error, you should find if there are any issues with the PC port. You should want to know the cause for the error. Antivirus, firewall and third party software are some of the issues which might lead to VPN error.

While performing the troubleshooting steps, you should run only one VPN connection at any point of time. If there are other VPN connections, they should be removed.

The anti-virus and firewall should be turned off. If the issue is not yet resolved, you should update the VPN software. After the completion of the VPN update, you should the windows OS should be updated. You should reset the VPN connection and the system should be restarted. In most of the cases, the issue will be resolved.

Change connection settings

While addressing How to fix 619 VPN error, you should change the connection settings. Settings can be changed by accessing security settings and changing VPN type automatic to PPTP. The data encryption configuration can be set to Optional. You should select ‘CHAP & MS-CHAP v2’ in this process.

If the issue is not resolved, you should check internet connection settings. The wireless network connection settings should also be verified. You can also try alternate internet connection. If you are able to resolve the issue by connecting to alternate internet connection, you should understand that there are issues with the default internet connection.

You might be frustrated to deal with VPN error 619. This is especially true when you are new to the technology. There are experienced users who are familiar with errors and they will know how to deal with errors. If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, you can take the help of experienced user as well so that the issue will be fixed instantly and you will be able to continue your work without any issues.

You can also test VPN on another computer or device on the same network. If it is not resolved, you can understand that your network is blocking the VPN access. You can test the VPN in another network with the same device. If you are unable to access, you can understand that your security software is blocking the access. If the error persists after performing all possible troubleshooting steps, you should want to contact your VPN provider.

One More Thing Is…

You can, of course, perform various troubleshooting steps to figure out the VPN error 619 and the issue can be resolved in a systematic way. Moreover, you might have heard the rumor that there is a list that contains the best VPN services for 2015. Well let me clear that up: It’s true. Meantime, some starters also encountered FAKE malicious VPN downloads, which claim to provide industry-leading VPN servers & speed. And this is exact the kind of PUP hunter or malware fans usually get, where you get half the story and then a pitch for the course (* computer security, proactive sense of defense, ect.) that explains the rest. As far as we know, CPI powered campaigns are available as a " risky / bloated product" anywhere, which could ship heavy damage to inexperienced mobile users, as well.


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1. Catch a burglar

It’s a great way of protecting your kit if you’re somewhere public and you’ve had to leave your Mac alone for a moment (of course, you’ll have locked it down with a Kensington lock too, won’t you?).

2. Create stopmotion classics

Sure, if you wanted to create a stop-motion movie, you could buy software such as iStopMotion, but in fact you don’t have to spend a penny.

Set up your stills camera on a tripod pointing at your scene, take a picture, move your characters, take another, repeat.

3. Turn it into a retro games machine

Most Mac gamers know the joys of digital download services, such as Steam, but few are aware of the Mac-emulation scene. Thanks to emulator programmers such as Richard Bannister, you can play classic games of yore from just about any platform you care to remember.

4. Plug in and use any scanner

First of all, plug in your scanner. To scan using Preview, from the File pull-down menu, select ‘Import from Scanner’ and choose your model of scanner. A scanning window opens, from where you can do a preview scan, select an image format, scan in colour, black and white or text, set the resolution and more. You can even correct the brightness, tint, temperature and saturation.

5. Use it without a mouse

The mouse (or trackpad) has been integral to Apple and its OS pretty much since the year dot, but with a few smart keyboard shortcuts, you can do a huge amount on your Mac without going near it.

Aside from the obvious keyboard shortcuts that you’ll see listed next to menu items, meet the application switcher. Press Command+Tab to bring it up. Hold down Command and press Tab repeatedly to cycle through your open apps; add Shift to move in the opposite direction.

6. Take over somebody else’s screen

How many times have you had a call from somebody who owns a Mac and needs your help? If you’re anything like me it happens quite often. It would be so much easier if you could actually see their screen, so you could know exactly what they were talking about.

7. Automate actions

Everyone forgets about Automator, the application that lets you automate repetitive tasks. It works by clicking together actions into a chain of events.

8. Use it as a dumb hard drive

If you connect a MacBook to another Mac by a FireWire cable then hold down T while you start it up, then it boots up into a special FireWire Target Disk Mode. You can now effectively use it as a removable hard drive, which is ideal if you need to transfer files from one Mac to another, or if you’ve got a problem that prevents the original Mac from booting properly.

9. Save the world!

Do you want to join the fight against cancer? Or perhaps you’d like to help look for aliens? Believe it or not, you can do both with your Mac. Distributed computing projects let you put your computer’s spare processing power to good use.

10. Doing your maths homework

Use the View menu to choose how it appears. If you just want to do a quick calculation, you can type it into the Spotlight search bar instead of launching Calculator – how cool is that?

Learn how to correctly remove apps on Mac here.


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Apple applies LCD screen for its current smartphones. It was rumored that Apple would use OLED screen for its iPhone 7. Nikkei Newspaper lately reported that Apple decided to use OLED screen in 2018. Korean LG and Samsung start preparing for the OLED supply.

Nikkei Newspaper did not mention the source of this concerns Apple applies OLED screen in 2018.

It is reported that Apple has notified some screen suppliers, related enterprises to make preparations for the supply of OLED. LG is going to enlarge the productivity of OLED.

Nikkei Newspaper pointed out it would be a great challenge to purchase enough OLED screens for 200 million units of iPhone in 2018 even though the suppliers made preparations in advance. Apple might both use LCD screen and OLED screen to product two versions of iPhone.

As is all known, the technology of OLED is advanced than LCD’s. It is considered the replacement of LCD. Due to the expensive cost of producing OLED, it is hard to be the main stream technology. In the past year, OLED drew much attention by the public. More and more manufacturers apply OLED screen.

There are still difficulties need to overcome to popularize OLED. The luminance of OLED, electricity-saving performance and other functions will decline with the application of handsets.

Nikkei Newspaper suggested that Apple has consulted OLED panel manufacturers and related equippment suppliers. By next year, Apple and the suppliers will judge whether they could overcome the OLED technical defect. What’s more, Apple will make sure if the suppliers will be able to produce enough screens.

LG electronics decided to add a new production line for OLED in a plantation of Paju. Its board of directors will approve this investment plan soon.

LG display company announced it would invest $900 million to build a new production line for OLED screen in Gumi plantation.

Samsung display company will be one of the OLED screen suppliers. Samsung has already supplied the OLED screen for Apple Watch. Samsung is the only one to make mass production of OLED screen so far.

Samsung and LG will receive most of orders for OLED screen from Apple.

OLED screen gets better image quality, brighter color and save electricity. It has been using LCD screen since 2007.

Apple has been studying the image quality, expense of OLED screen in the past few years. With the improvement of OLED screen industry, Apple is now making stategies that benefiting to OLED.


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Recently some Mac users complained in some social platform as well as Apple’s technical support forum that when trying to launch the software or games downloaded from Mac App Store, they were informed that “XXX is damaged and can’t be opened”. And they are required to reboot their machines, or even to delete this application and then download it again from the App Store. So far the popular software involved in this issue include 1Password, Acorn, Byword, Call of Duty 2, DaisyDisk, Tweetbot, etc. Now Apple has publicly made an emailed apology to the Mac App Store developers and gave a further explanation about this issue.

Apple addressed that it had issued a new certificate in September in anticipation of the old certificate’s expiration, and the Mac App Store signing certificate was updated recently. The old certificate used the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, but the new one had been upgraded to support SHA-2. So this bug was related not just to an expired security certificate but also a transition to a new certificate with stronger encryption that not all developers were ready for. And that helps explain why the system could not validate the application packages using old versions of OpenSSL that don’t support SHA-2. As for the caching issue with Mac App Store, Apple suggested users to reboot and reauthenticate with the store to clear outdated information from their systems when the new certificate went into effect. Additionally, Apple also asked OS X developers to ensure their code adheres to the Receipt Validation Programming Guide and if necessary, to resubmit their app for an expedited review.

As some news reports comment, this incident goes to show that the Mac App Store is not exactly the focus for the company right now, as Mac App Store doesn’t receive nearly the kind of attention lavished on its iOS counterpart. Mac developers have been hindered by many limitations of the store for years. They don’t have access to statistics or latest tools like TestFlight, and many practices such as free trials and upgrade pricing are not allowed in Mac App Store. Maybe Apple should put more effort in improving Mac App Store for its long-term development.

For how-to-uninstall guides of Mac apps, please click here.


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Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is the newest Panda’s antivirus engine. It is supposed to be one of the best packages around. Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 has many features, including antivirus, browsing protection via an optional toolbar, firewall protection etc. This program is excellent in uncovering wifi vulnerabilities, as well as detecting and blocking network intruders.

Its antivirus, device optimisation, a location service, and an optional function for locking or wiping your device remotely are available to Android tools, while Apple support is limited to a location service for iPhone. And Mac have to be upgraded to one of the suites to get antivirus if you want more. Besides, a license was included in Wi-Fi protection for Android security app.

This software is easy to set up and it gets along well with other security tools when it runs in your computer. You can install it with ease even needn’t restart your computer. Just look out the optional browser toolbar when you are installing its package. If you choose to install the browser toolbar, it will change your home and search pages unless you clear some checkboxes.

Generally speaking, Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is more accurate and more reliable than ever. It provides a new engine, a smarter Collective Intelligence, new wifi module, and greater protection with less influence on your computer.

There are two editions of Panda Antivirus Pro 2016, the free edition offers basic antivirus protection, and the charged edition offers more useful additional features which are not found in the free edition. If you are a individual user, the free edition is a great choice for most users; but if you want further protection for your computer, the charged one absolutely is the better choice. The free edition is not allowed to use for business purposes.


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