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Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is the newest Panda’s antivirus engine. It is supposed to be one of the best packages around. Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 has many features, including antivirus, browsing protection via an optional toolbar, firewall protection etc. This program is excellent in uncovering wifi vulnerabilities, as well as detecting and blocking network intruders.

Its antivirus, device optimisation, a location service, and an optional function for locking or wiping your device remotely are available to Android tools, while Apple support is limited to a location service for iPhone. And Mac have to be upgraded to one of the suites to get antivirus if you want more. Besides, a license was included in Wi-Fi protection for Android security app.

This software is easy to set up and it gets along well with other security tools when it runs in your computer. You can install it with ease even needn’t restart your computer. Just look out the optional browser toolbar when you are installing its package. If you choose to install the browser toolbar, it will change your home and search pages unless you clear some checkboxes.

Generally speaking, Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is more accurate and more reliable than ever. It provides a new engine, a smarter Collective Intelligence, new wifi module, and greater protection with less influence on your computer.

There are two editions of Panda Antivirus Pro 2016, the free edition offers basic antivirus protection, and the charged edition offers more useful additional features which are not found in the free edition. If you are a individual user, the free edition is a great choice for most users; but if you want further protection for your computer, the charged one absolutely is the better choice. The free edition is not allowed to use for business purposes.


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Some new users would come across the below-mentioned VPN error 812. What can we do with it? First, we need to know what is it and why does it appear on your Windows?

VPN error 812 is one of the most typical issues faced by VPN users when the connection is denied. This could typically happen if you did not make proper change to some policy on the RAS/VPN server. In the meantime, such common VPN connection (* authentication method) has been used by the VPN server to verify the username and password you saved. Then, if the items did not match, your computer will be unable to connect to the VPN server/IP by using the built-in VPN settings.

Would the VPN error 812 pop-up again? Commonly, it’s most likely to occur when:

  • you do not make correct change to Server Network Policy and/or Client Connection Profile you previously saved on the Authentication Protocol.
  • NPS does not re-new the settings of "Tunnel Type" Condition in Network Policy.
  • you choose to update your XP Professional OS to Windows 7 Pro.

Then, if you want to successfully address this common VPN issue by yourself, scroll down and view the attached vid guide exactly:

How to fix the VPN error 812 manually? Here are some tips you can follow.

When the annoying alert appears again, telling “Verifying user name and password…”, please verify that you have entered the right log-in information. Re-try Windows’ VPN connection later. If the error message keeps showing up, you need to revert the Network Policy for “Tunnel Type”.

First, log on as Admin, then open “Control Panel”, head to “Internet Connection”, choose “VPN Connection”, go to “Properties” and then, the Security tab, you check the option "MS CHAP Version 2" manually. Save, restart and try out your VPN connection again.

Second, you can also select additional value to “Tunnel Type”, this time you choose “PPTP”.

Third, for site admins or server owners. you people need to wait till a convenient time to restart the VPN or NPS server. It may take some time to complete the reboot process.

Fourth, if there are any Anti-Virus program is running on the servers, please disable or turn off such program before you use your VPN service again.

Additionally, here’s a complete list of top VPN service providers we highly recommend. And we have every reason to believe that this is going to be the best one for 2015. You can learn more at PCMag, or if you are ready to sign up for an excellent trip to Internet with your favorite VPN software, click here to take a closer look now!


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Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is an all-in-one security software, which is much stronger yet easier-to-use than ever. It’s a fantastic security suite that combines with advanced anti-virus & antimalware engines, browser security, parental control, firewall and encryption. I just want to say "Wow" for all of these amazing features!

The mentioned 2016 build has made a great first impression with its very well-designed user interface. Overall, it looks more cool and, much more user-friendly. For more news, tips and help, you can check out its homepage now.

It’s very easy to install this software to my computer (* You, even starters, can arm your PC with this new Bitdefender Total Security 2016 with few clicks). Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is still the NO.1 option among the security software with its best possible anti-ransomware, frequent updates, and high accuracy in the detection of malware. And it’s more computer friendly: I found NO problems when running on my Windows in the past few weeks.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016: Making Computer Security So Simple

Here are some new must-use features you too cannot miss out:

First, a new anti-ransomware system has been embedded in this BTS 2016: it’s just outstanding compared to its previous products. With it, you probably won’t need other stand-alone anti-malware program. It can also protect local folders and other sensitive data by detecting and blocking unauthorised attempts to reach those personal stuff. It keeps the personal information much safer.

Second, it’s much easier to install and use BTS 2016:

  • Run the official setup file "bitdefender_tsecurity" as admin
  • Wait while the download is complete.
  • Click the blue "Install" button on the following "Bitdefender INSTALLATION" wizard.

Third, the new firewall does not only do an excellent job as usual, but also allows user to set up custom rules, which helps monitor all the behaviors on the case. It would be a must-use feature for regular parents who are worried about their child’s use of the Internet. You can do some customizations on your own computer so that you can still keep your computer system safe even when you’re away. The whole computer can still be effectively controlled via an Android app from Bitdefender company. Everything is under control, with ease, upon using BTS 2016.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 keeps ranking the best security suite by providing greater security engines for personal computers, with its next-generation features and, great customer service. What’s more important to you: Feel free to voice your own choice now!


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There have been lots of things to deal with for Steve Huffman when he came back Reddit as CEO. Huffman is an exceptional technology talent and he also work as a CTO of Hipmunk. He is urgent to find a CTO for reddit.

Reddit made an official announcement on August 18 and stated that they hired Marty Weiner, the founding engineer at Pinterest as their first CTO. It is known that Marty Weiner worked for Pinterest for four years and a half. He had worked with Ben Silbermann before Pinterest was founded. Weiner decided to make another challenge in a new role while Pinterest is working on the preparation for a potential public market release.

In an email that Weiner sent to TechCrunch he stated that it was the toughest decision he has ever made. He felt it is time for him to make more new challenges. One of his assignments when he works in Reddit is to build its team culture that will promote its recruitment exercise, employees diversity,and enhance the existing basic structure and procedure of Reddit culture.

Weiner did not make any comments on Reddit’s community and management conflicts. He aims to the its development of the near the future. And he hopes to develop an great team with intelligent tech support.

The staffs of Reddit are excited for Weiner’s partnership. Its co-founder Alexis Ohannian implied: “ We have no doubt about Weiner’s working experience, leadership skills and talent as he was founding engineer and architect of Pinterest. We are honored to have such intelligent leader to help Reddit for a brighter future.”

Weiner met Ohannian on the recommendation of his brother. They came out for coffees but they are not familiar with each other.

Ohnnian said the engineer team is the biggest team in Reddit. It plays an important role in the development of company. So they are desirable to hire more engineers with excellent talent and leadership. Weiner is an expert in engineering culture and he knows Reddit well. He will have a better idea of how to make a better team.

If Weiner could deal well with the current problems in Reddit, it will receive a tech update inside Reddit. We look forward to a new change in Reddit.


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Application Internet Download Manager is regarded as a free download manager that allow the computer user to download files and programs online with a faster speed. Today, we will not talk about how to use this program but the way to uninstall Internet Download Manager effectively on the computer.

There are many different reasons for people removing the program on their PCs, some people just don’t want to use it anymore, and some think that it affect the use of their web browser …, no matter what reason make you need to uninstall Internet Download Manager, take the following measures and you can clean it easily on your computer.

Proper ways to uninstall Internet Download Manager

Uninstall with a professional removal tool

Applying a professional removal tool to uninstall any unwanted program on the computer is a very popular in nowadays, because it can uninstall more thoroughly and quickly then the traditional removal way, and the incomplete removal issue will not happen while using the removal tool, it is firstly suggested to uninstall Internet Download Manager with a reliable remover.

Remove Internet Download Manager with Windows removal utility

Or you can choose to remove the manager with the traditional way: using the Windows built-in remover. You just need to find and locate the program name in the Windows removal panel, then click on the uninstall button to remove it, but it usually results an incomplete removal on your computer, which cause you still unable to use the browser smoothly, in this situation, you should do an additional removal to clean this program on your web browse as well as the System Registry.

For more details about Internet Download Manager removal, or deal with its incomplete removal issue on your computer, you can refer to this post:


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