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A question about how can you exactly uninstall uTorrent if you can find it in Uninstall Programs list (now called Apps & Features or Programs and Features)? How do you even remove it from PC?

Question described by Giephri

“A few days ago I did a clean install and redownloaded uTorrent (the latest version). The installer asked me to download some kind of suspicious program in order to install uTorrent itself. Naturally I declined and closed it. However, the idiot me decided to try again and clicked the installer a second time, and for some reason uTorrent opened up as if it was already installed. I know I closed it before it went through the installation progress, but I didn’t really care as long as I downloaded it without the suspicious program.

Today I found out that uTorrent pretty much became evil, but it was too late. After hearing this, I attempted to uninstall it but I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was nowhere to be found in the Uninstall settings. I looked for an uTorent folder in both Program File folders, AppData>Roaming. It didn’t even install onto the Start Menu or make a desktop icon. It just opens up regularly whenever I load a torrent file.

Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of it? And also I would appreciate any ways in confirming whether or not it installed any malware or coin miners into my PC. I scanned using Malwarebytes to find two PUPs called OpenCandy but I’m not sure if they’re related. I also used CCleaner and happily found uTorrent in Tools>Uninstall option. However, it gave me this error: “Error: 2 – The system cannot find the file specified”. I’m quite paranoid.”

This is the problem happened a lot when users tried to uninstall an unwanted software from PC, such as uTorrent now, the most used method to eliminate a app on Windows is delete on the Control Panel list, but how can do that even you can’t find it in the list?

If you are the same situation like Giephri, then you’d better try on some new ways to fully uninstall uTorent from computer, such as new remover tool—Bloatware Uninstaller, specifically used for any installed software uninstallation in Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32bit&64bit).

With that tool, users can easily overcome the Uninstall Programs list problem, because it is autocephalous third party application in Windows, which it analysis and scans any possible programs in your computer, even if you can’t find it in the Control Panel.

How to uninstall uTorrent automatically?

In short, three simple steps can helpfully uninstall uTorrent with all leftovers once and for all.

Step 1: Select target program

Launch Remover firstly, you’ll find the target you want to get rid of from computer in the interface, and select µTorrent, and click Run Analysis;

Step 2: Scan related components

Click “Complete Uninstall” to conduct the regular removal of scanning files/folders, then click Yes to delete all leftovers scanned in uninstaller;

Step 3: Removal succeed

Click “Delete Leftover” to make sure you want to eliminate all files/folders and registry entries of µTorrent. Congratulations, uTorrent now has been remove successfully from your computer.

Why it is so easy and fast to uninstall uTorrent from Windows, I guess just because it works as the automatic process, that you won’t be worry or do so much. Read more details in this page to truly uninstall uTorrent from your problem package if you are still upset about it.

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The biggest threat to Microsoft’s Windows may not come from apple, but from Google. Especially in the education market abroad, Chrombook, which runs Chrome OS, has taken a large share of the market and has even begun to venture into businesses.

Though the advantages of Chromebooks are clear enough in particular markets – it won’t cost a lot of money, as an operating system, Chrome OS is not strong enough, but as a new operating system, it is trying to catch up with others.

The new feature that Google has added to Chrome OS recently is such a great thing for users, that is, now Chrome OS can finally support split-screen multitasking in tablet mode.

You will be not strange if you have used Windows 8, and yes, this time Google is adding new feature for Chrome OS and the same kind of functionality you use on Windows 8.

For Chrome OS, it’s such big deal to support SplitView multitasking in tablet mode, because before that good news coming, if you were using Chrome OS in tablet mode, the current application would be full screen, or minimal, no other form only

This split-screen feature is designed for touch screens and has been available in developer mode and is now available to all users. If want to experience the split-screen multi tasks now, then type this in address bar to set up:

chrome:// flags /#enable-tablet-splitview


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Microsofthas released its latest security situation report, which shows that more than half of Windows 7 computers have no antivirus software installed and protected, the computers are in a “unprotected” state, which is kind of most dangerous situation for most users.

As computers play an increasingly important role in people’s lives, more hackers and virus occurred day by day for illegal profit, you, as a computer user, you’d better take care of computer protection and prevent all kinds of virus issue.

The most currently case with virus attack like Ransomed WannaCry, the most serious and maximum range attack of the world happened in mid-June, thousands of computers had been affected, and some users, even worse, had to pay the ransom to the hacker to get back their data and individual information.

When Ransomed WannaCry attack your computer and lock your display, don’t know what to do? Check this story to learn more to protect your computer immediate.

According to related reports, this is not the first time Microsoft has recognized the problem and has taken appropriate action. Starting from Windows 8, if no other anti-virus software is installed on the user’s computer, then Windows is activated Windows Defender by default. However, a substantial proportion of antivirus software on the Windows 8/8.1computer are being turned off, Microsoft explained for this is may not be the user turn off the antivirus software intentionally, because some malicious software can disable security products without the user’s knowledge.

While the security in Windows 10 is not much better than Windows 8/8.1, a significant portion of the computer virus library expired in it. In this report, Microsoft also mentioned the safest countries and regions for computers in March 2017, with Finland, Portugal and Denmark in the top three.

So, the result is that you’d better install a antivirus software on your computer, as a matter of fact, there are a variety of anti-virus software/programs in the market to choose, the most common products including from
McAfee , Symantec Norton , Webroot , Bitdefender and Kaspersky , have you ever try these products? Which one you think it’s best anti-virus in the world?

Knowing the importance of installing antivirus software on computer is far away from enough the best protection. The trouble is that lots of users have troubles in anti-virus software removal, sometimes the failure of antivirus program deletion may cause serious damage for the device, so you’ d better learn how to totally &safely get rid of stubborn software just in case the smooth installation in the feature using. Take McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 removal from PC as example, you need to completely uninstall McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 without any trace left behind, that you can install other antivirus software to protect your computer in nest time. Need more tutorials to remove antivirus programs in Windows? Try these removal blogs for help now. In addition, more tutorials are waiting to be updating…

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Microsoftcurrently takes more attention and work on Windows10 operating system, but Google has recently criticized this behavior, says this action will actually let other users include Windows 7 users are much easier attacked by hackers.

Google’s Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk has listed details in an article of how to use the Windows 10 patch to discover vulnerabilities in Windows 7, he thought that Microsoft should fix the same bugs in Windows 7 as it does in Windows 10. Otherwise, hackers have the opportunity to check for Windows 10 update released code released by Microsoft, and considering the operating system sharing base code, that hackers might be easy to find a way to attack the Windows 7 system.

Microsoft is essentially leaving clues for hackers when it patches Windows 10, but not Windows 7, argues Jurczyk. That’s because hackers can use a technique called ‘binary diffing’ to analyze fixes in a modern product and pinpoint weaknesses in the older product.

Jurczyk continue to explain how he used this approach to discover the zero-day bug in Windows 7, which even non-senior hackers can do.

“This creates a false sense of security for users of the older systems, and leaves them vulnerable to software flaws which can be detected merely by spotting subtle changes in the corresponding code in different versions of Windows,” he writes.

One example was the bug CVE-2017-8680, which affected Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, but curiously not Windows 10. Project Zero reported it to Microsoft in May and it was fixed in Microsoft’s September Patch Tuesday update.

On the other hand, Microsoft says they are committed working to protecting all users, but they also emphasize is on only upgrading to Windows 10 can provide the best security. The Speakman said in a statement:

“Windows will promise to investigate security issues mentioned in the report, as soon as possible and take the initiative to update the affected device. In addition, we are constantly investing in defense security, and suggest that users use Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser for optimal protection.”

“We hope that these were some of the very few instances of such low-hanging fruit being accessible to researchers through diffing, and we encourage software vendors to make sure of it by applying security improvements consistently across all supported versions of their software.”

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Microsoft recently has announced to stop selling of Xbox One in the United States, the consumers are only provided Xbox One S and Xbox One X console in the future of online store, meanwhile, different with U.S. region, the online mall in the UK still has its original Xbox One product page, but it has been labelled “sold out”, seems users form US and UK can’t buy Xbox One now.

Polished on May 2013, Xbox One was third video game console of Microsoft, and it is still a popular and classic console in the world now, but same is, it just like any classic console that can’t live from the tragedy of curtain.

As the matter of fact, the shutdown of Xbox One console does not mean any obviously change in the Microsoft game plan, because Microsoft has launched two more upgrades consoles includes Xbox One X and Xbox One S, among them, the previous one is called t the most powerful console by Microsoft in planet, with rapid features of 12GB GDDR5 display, 6TFlops graphics floating point performance and 4K HDR native support.

Why Microsoft giving up Xbox One X?

About why Microsoft is giving up their original console Xbox One, many people think they are paving or making way for its powerful console ever—Xbox One X.

Xbox One X is be about to release on November 7 with the price of about price $499 dollars according Microsoft’s speaking on August 21.

There is also a special project edition named Scorpio, which is limited quantities provided for biggest fans that are certainly into Xbox One X, with the price of $499.99 dollars. Now form the latest new of pre- selling, the pre-Scorpio limited edition was sold out on the first day.

As the big fan of game console, are you ready to go for the most powerful console ever in the world now?

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