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Microsoft recently has announced to stop selling of Xbox One in the United States, the consumers are only provided Xbox One S and Xbox One X console in the future of online store, meanwhile, different with U.S. region, the online mall in the UK still has its original Xbox One product page, but it has been labelled “sold out”, seems users form US and UK can’t buy Xbox One now.

Polished on May 2013, Xbox One was third video game console of Microsoft, and it is still a popular and classic console in the world now, but same is, it just like any classic console that can’t live from the tragedy of curtain.

As the matter of fact, the shutdown of Xbox One console does not mean any obviously change in the Microsoft game plan, because Microsoft has launched two more upgrades consoles includes Xbox One X and Xbox One S, among them, the previous one is called t the most powerful console by Microsoft in planet, with rapid features of 12GB GDDR5 display, 6TFlops graphics floating point performance and 4K HDR native support.

Why Microsoft giving up Xbox One X?

About why Microsoft is giving up their original console Xbox One, many people think they are paving or making way for its powerful console ever—Xbox One X.

Xbox One X is be about to release on November 7 with the price of about price $499 dollars according Microsoft’s speaking on August 21.

There is also a special project edition named Scorpio, which is limited quantities provided for biggest fans that are certainly into Xbox One X, with the price of $499.99 dollars. Now form the latest new of pre- selling, the pre-Scorpio limited edition was sold out on the first day.

As the big fan of game console, are you ready to go for the most powerful console ever in the world now?

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I have installed the Free Mac Keylogger as it said in the official website, when I don’t need it anymore, I want to uninstall it from my computer, after I used the uninstaller as it provided to remove Free Keylogger for Mac, I have found remained files on my computer. It is really annoying users when the deletion is not complete to get a clean environment.

App introduction

Free Mac Keylogger monitors and records keystrokes on your Mac plus the time you open and close Mac applications. And FreeMacKeylogger for Mac is absolutely FREE. Easy to install and run, FreeMacKeylogger works on Mac OS X v. 10.6 and above. Keystroke logging works in any language your Mac supports and captures text typed in any application or web page except passwords. FreeKeylogger is also a great tool for parents who want to monitor the messages their children send and the applications they run. FreeMacKeylogger is Mac OS X keylogging made easy!

Free Keylogger simplifies keylogging:

  • Run Free Keylogger secretly behind its hidden, password-protected interface

  • Monitor all computer users

  • Capture keystrokes in all Mac applications and web pages

  • Have Free Keylogger email log files to you at intervals you select

  • Open the zipped log files only with your password

  • Run Free Keylogger on Mac 10.8 or above

  • Enjoy Free Keylogger’s quick and easy installation

  • Check out Free Keylogger’s complete online help files
  • After the failure removal, I tried this

    So I read a tutorial to fully remove Free Keylogger for Mac accidentally by the recommendation of other readers—to remove it with the help of third party tool. And it is really nice and fast to use remover to get rid of it for now I have found. Only three simple steps that can delete all the leftovers for truly: Locate the target << Start scanning << Removed successfully. You have no idea things could be so easier if you have not tried this toll for once, o I thought I would share since there is little info out there. Go to this tutorial to get rid of Free Keylogger now.

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July 24, 2017, Alphabet just reports its 2017 second quarter earnings ended June 30. The report reveals, total revenue in the second quarter of Alphabet is $26.01 billion, which is up 21% from $21.5 billion a year ago,

Google parent Alphabet reported a second-quarter profit that fell sharply from a year earlier, hurt by a big anti-trust fine in Europe. On a GAAP basis, Alphabet second-quarter net profit was $3.524 billion, $4.877 billion fell by 28% than the same period last year. And while it’s true that profit was down a bit this quarter, that’s only on account of a one-time, $2.7 billion fine levied by regulators in the European Union. If does not include this fine, then the Alphabet second quarter net profit would be $6.26 billion, that would be an increase of 28% in the same period.

“With revenues of $26 billion, up 21% versus the second quarter of 2016 and 23% on a constant currency basis, we’re delivering strong growth with great underlying momentum, while continuing to make focused investments in new revenue streams,” said Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet.

Here are the numbers:

  • EPS: $5.01 versus $4.49 expected

  • Revenue: $26.01 billion, up from $21.5 billion a year ago

  • Paid clicks: +52% from a year ago

  • Cost per click: (23%) from a year ago
  • $26.01 billion of total revenue in the second quarter were beyond the expected by analysts. According to the survey of financial information suppliers FactSet Company, FactSet consensus for total revenue was $25.6 billion of Alphabet. Shares of Alphabet have gained 14% in the past three months, compared with the S&P 500 SPX, -0.11% which has gained 4%. But it is still higher than assumed shows such a money machine, one of the most powerful companies in the world.

    “We’re delivering strong growth with great underlying momentum, while continuing to make focused investments in new revenue streams.”

    Alphabet is focused on “dollar growth” in revenue and operating income, “not margins,” Porat said.

    Alphabet has altogether hired 75,606 full-time employment staffs worldwide, and compares with last year in 2016, it had 66,575 in all.


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Today we are going to introduce a great Home Automation Server in Mac OS X operating system.

App Introduction

Indigo for mac is power graphic design software with great features on Mac OS X. Indigo for Mac can simulate the physical manifestation of light to achieve near-perfect realism, and through advanced physical camera, hyper-realistic material systems and Metropolis Light Transport to simulate a complex light environment. As a mac user, you can create a simple system depend on your needs and budget, that controls only a couple of lights or you can automate your entire home.

In order to get a firm grasp of the pieces required to begin your home automation experience, you’d better read through all of the topics in this Introduction section.

Indigo Software and Mac Requirements

To install the Indigo software, you’ll need a Mac that meets these OS and hardware requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7.5 ( or higher

  • Any Mac capable of running Mac OS X 10.7.5
  • Something you should know: Indigo requires you leave your Mac running all the time, you should plan where you are going to locate your Mac in order to control your home automation.

    Its Powerful Features

    1. A large number of next-generation functions are introduced into Indigo Renderer 3, for example, in the interactive scene editing and camera control, the powerful rendering engines can now support both Cuda and GPU of Opencl.

    2. Edit displacement map and shading seamlessly in the same visual interface, while interact on your local area online at the same time. everything includes more could be possible in Indigo. In addition, Indigo is well known to be rendered without sacrificing unparalleled image quality.

    3. Except the implantation of 4D technology, Indigo Renderer compatible includes
    3ds max, Blender, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Houdini.

    4. in the new version of Indigo Renderer 3, a new set of solar and sky systems has been added and has been implanted with 4D film technology compatibility, too. Moreover, the general performance of software has also been improved, GPU acceleration and real-time texture editing has been further supported, which make it much easier for users to create and render their own work.

    If you think this app is powerful and you want to use it, then go to its official web to download and install one; it you are not using it anymore and feel annoyed to get rid of it when failed in removal due to the huge information, then go to this blog to find the good solution to remove it for completely.


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Users of Internet throughout the world in recent years fulfil their expectations on the enhanced lifestyle. They get 100% satisfaction from a hassle-free way to access a reliable portal in online and buy products or use professional services as per their requirements. They are eager to be aware of the smart approaches specially designed for reducing the overall shopping expenses.

It is the best suitable time to gain knowledge of online shopping within the financial plan devoid of compromising any aspect of shopping expectations. If you properly use the comparison shopping in detail, then you can get an overview about how to enhance your shopping in online. You can make use of the most recommended comparison shopping sites and decide on where to engage in online shopping. Do not forget that the lowest prices of products available in online shops revealed by these comparison portals are the most popular retailers.

Discount coupon codes

Almost every online shop has a commitment to increasing its popularity further. If you have decided to buy any product from a reliable shop in online, then you have to focus on top shops in online with special offers in recent times. Once you have received the coupon, you can use the relevant coupon code during the checkout and get the discount on the final bill as expected. This is worthwhile to use the coupon aggregating sites and get the complete list of active coupon codes.

Consolidate purchases

Smart customers of shops in online these days consolidate their purchases. They are not only save their priceless time, but also their hard-earned money in this shopping approach. They mostly save on shipping charges and get other favourable things in this method to buy things in online shop. Reputable online shops in recent times provide attention-grabbing offers to every customer in particular those who buy things in bulk.

Easy to follow guidelines

Beginners and regular customers of shops in online these days expect a lot on how to enhance their online shopping issues. They have planned to make use of the most excellent resources as well as facilities after an in-depth examination of the best factors. They can follow the below-mentioned things and start their step to improve shopping.

  • Earn cashback on all purchases in online
  • Set price alerts
  • Listen to online recommendations on the social web
  • Research online further
  • Try a different browser

Some people misunderstand that the coupon code is the one and only option to save money on their online shopping. On the other hand, they have to understand that cashback offers give them the most expected support and save money further. These offers from reputable shops on regular purchases by visiting shops in online through special links revealed in cashback websites

Once you have created an account in the cashback website, you can get a link and connect with the relevant retailer in online. You will get more than estimated cash back offers and save your money throughout online shopping. If you properly set price alerts by using the most modern resources such as the price tracker, then you can comply with your budget for online shopping.


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